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Our Core Values:

  1.  Bible based preaching of God’s authoritative and inerrant Word

  2.  24/7 devotion to Jesus as normal for true Christian life

  3.  Prayer as the power behind all our human activity

  4.  The Westminster Confession of Faith as containing the system of doctrine taught in the Scriptures

  5.  Living out relationships according to the clear guidelines in God’s word

  6.  Effective and personal pastoral care for every person connected with our church

  7.  Engaging with our wider community and reaching the lost with the gospel of Chris

  8.  Reaching each new generation with effective, well resourced and relevant ministries

Increasing leadership responsibilities requires increasing Christian maturity

Mission Statement

"We exist to worship God and make fully devoted followers of Jesus"
In striving towards this purpose we aim to encourage all people everywhere to be:

... Committed to God
... Committed to Each Other
... Committed to Ministry

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94 Vivian Street
Inverell, NSW, 2360

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